Venturing Officers’ Associations (VOAs) play an important role in the organizational structure of the Venturing program. Each Region and Area have a VOA and all Councils and Districts are encouraged to organize a VOA if they haven’t done so already. VOAs support local councils and crews to grow membership through youth led and Advisor supported communication, program, and administration.

The pages below provide information to help you establish or improve a VOA. Most of these pages are based on the Venturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that outline the administration of a Venturing leadership structure at the National, Region, and Area tiers. The SOP can also be used as a minimum standard and as a template for local councils that do not currently have a structure in place to meet this operational need. Local councils can also use the SOP as a base from which to build their own council Venturing operating procedures to meet local needs. Councils that have found success with other VOA procedures may continue to do so, but are encouraged to submit them to the national Youth Development team so that a library of practices can be shared with other councils. These can be submitted to: program.content@scouting.org .

Have questions or need help starting a VOA? Please contact your Area Venturing President. Their contact information can be found at: 

 Also read through the Venturing Officers Association Administration Guide

Venturing Officers’ Associations (VOA) provide opportunities for adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service (A-L-P-S). By doing so, they serve to model best practices in programming for local crews and to provide a program resource for Venturers and Advisors throughout the VOA’s area of operation.

Councils that do not have a VOA are often missing out on the youth-led events, trainings, and forums that a VOA can offer. Not only do they give the youth a voice and provide leadership opportunities, they can strengthen and grow your council’s Venturing program!