Venturing in the Central Region is led by the Central Region Venturing Officer’s Association, which is led by a youth president, and their three vice presidents. The seven area presidents are also members of the Region VOA. There may be ad hoc youth appointed to serve on the VOA by the region president. These youth serve in their positions for one year starting on June 1st. These leaders are as follows:

  • Region President: Andrew Steckner
  • Vice President of Administration: Miciah Thacker
  • Vice President of Program: Maggie Pennington
  • Vice President of Communications: Madeleine Snella
  • Training Committee Chair: Agnes Dunne
  • Area 1 President: Nyssa Schneider
  • Area 2 President: Peter Hensler
  • Area 3 President: RJ Jackson
  • Area 4 President: Katheryn Schliskey
  • Area 5 President: Morgan Teeple
  • Area 6 President: Samuel Mikes
  • Area 7 President: Alexis Brunette

There is also an adult regional committee which supports the Venturing program which is chaired by the Central Region Venturing Advisor. the region associate advisors and the area advisors are members.

  • Region Advisor: Julie Dalton
  • Associate Advisor of Administration: Helen Lockwood
  • Associate Advisor of Program: Eric Mircsov
  • Associate Advisor of Communications: TBD
  • Area 1 Advisor: Dan Carriveau
  • Area 2 Advisor: Elizabeth Weisman
  • Area 3 Advisor: Amanda Vogt
  • Area 4 Advisor: Steve Garner
  • Area 5 Advisor: Steve Jackson
  • Area 6 Advisor: Anne Zimmer
  • Area 7 Advisor: Aaron Beatty

NOTE: For information on Area Presidents and Advisors please visit the area pages.