Venturing Advancement Update

The National Venturing Committee is pleased to announce that certain restrictions regarding prior credit for Venturers have been changed.  Effective immediately, Venturing Advisors have the discretion to give a Venturer credit toward Venturing award requirements for work previously completed by the Venturer while a registered member of a Scouts BSA Troop or a Sea Scout Ship.  As explained in more detail below, this change aligns the Venturing advancement program with the Scouts BSA and Sea Scouting advancement programs. Another recent update to the Venturing Program is also intended to improve consistency among… Read More

Central Region Program Symposium

Join us at the Central Region Program Symposium on March 12-14, 2021, at Beaumont Scout Reservation in High Ridge, MO!

Join us for the State of the Region!

The State of the Region is roughly an hour to an hour and a half long live stream that will be hosted by the Central Region VOA on Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 at 7 PM CT where stories will be shared from the Region, Areas, Councils and Crews of the Central Region. Come join us to share your story and hear about all of the amazing things that are going on in the Central Region, even during a pandemic! You can fill out the form below to sign up to receive an… Read More

State of the Region Story Sharing

Fill out the form below to share a story about something your Crew or Council has done live on the State of the Region! If you haven’t registered already, please do so!

Join us for CROFT!

Join us for the Central Region Open Fishing Tournament! This will be a week of fun for you, your family, and friends! Grab your gear and go fish because CROFT is here! Please visit our website for more details!

Purchase a CRV Necker!

Order your nifty new Central Region Necker here! They’re just $20 apiece, and you will receive the payment information in an email after you submit this form. All responses are kept confidential and your information will not be shared.

Philmont Individual Programs

In addition to regular expeditions for crews of seven to 12 members, Philmont offers several special programs that are available to individuals and smaller groups: Rayado TrekVenturers who have mastered basic outdoor skills should consider applying for the challenging and selective Rayado Trek program. Rayado is unparalleled for developing outdoor leadership, group dynamics, wilderness problem-solving, and advanced outdoor skills. Participants will experience more of Philmont’s backcountry and will have program opportunities not available to expedition campers. R.O.C.S. (Roving Outdoor Conservation School)The Roving Outdoor Conservation School is an exciting program for Venturers who… Read More

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Ranger Award

The Ranger Award exemplifies a challenging high-leveloutdoor/high-adventure skills advancement program. Once earned, it willidentify a Ranger as a person who is highly skilled at a variety ofoutdoor sports and interests, trained in outdoor safety, and ready tolead or assist others in activities. Rangers can be a great programasset to Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and others.