2021 Regional Venturing Leadership Awards


Central Region Venturing is proud to announce the recipients of the Region Venturing Leadership Award for the 2020-2021 term. The Venturing Leadership Award honors Venturers and Advisors that go above and beyond in their service to Venturing, make exceptional contributions to the program, and exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their everyday lives. During one of the most challenging years in our 23 year history, these volunteers and professionals have worked tirelessly to keep Venturing moving forward, and we are beyond thankful for their dedication and commitment. We’re so excited to present Madeleine, Miciah, Agnes, Samuel, Rachael, Alexis, Rima, and Marc with the Region Venturing Leadership Award! On behalf of Central Region Venturing, thank you for all that you do for Venturing! Please join us in congratulating our recipients!

Madeleine Snella serves as the Central Region Venturing Vice President of Communications and is from Potawatomi Area Council. In this role she has been a driving force in the creation of the new Central Region Venturing website. Along with the creation of the website, she has increased all of our social media platforms’ interactions with Venturers throughout the region. One of her most impactful accomplishments has been the Central Region Venturing branding guide, a resource that Venturers can use to easily understand the branding guidelines of the BSA. She goes above and beyond, not only with communications, but in other aspects as well. She played a key role in the Central Region Venturing Officers Orientation and various other program aspects. At CRVOO she had technical difficulties and could not share her presentation for the training she was teaching, so on a whim she provided a wildly entertaining and informative training by teaching it in a fireside chat format. This enthusiastic energy has continued all the way throughout her term as she constantly provides an energetic burst to every event she attends.

Miciah Thacker serves as the Central Region Vice President of Administration and is from Dan Beard Council. Miciah has been critical to the operations of the RVOA. Without her, many of our accomplishments simply would not have been possible. She manages area support and council resources expertly, and has made massive improvements to our operations. She has been instrumental in the redevelopment of our council contact methods. Thanks to her efforts, we have a new system for Leadership Evaluation and Area Development reports that is a refreshing change from previous versions. Her efforts to improve the RVOA simply cannot be overstated. She works incredibly hard and has had a lasting impact on the CRVOA. She is an avid supporter of Area VPs of Administration and our Training committee, and a friend to all our officers. She has personally mentored several VPs of Administration to help them achieve more, and regularly serves as a resource for area presidents.

Agnes Dunne serves as the Central Region Venturing Training Chair and is from Michigan Crossroads Council. In Agnes’ role as the CRV Training chair she has been instrumental in region operations, she serves as a conduit for training information for any officer that needs it, and has even mentored officers in how to give trainings should that resource be needed. She has and continues to be extremely passionate about the training committee since the day of her selection and has been critical in the redevelopment of existing trainings, and the creation of new ones. She consistently goes above and beyond with this committee, taking on new initiatives and expanding the scope of the committee while also developing an impressive team composed of primarily area officers, but council officers and individuals with little to no VOA experience. She has done a wonderful job of inviting new people into the Central Region Venturing family.

Samuel Mikes serves as the Central Region Venturing Area 6 President. He is from Dan Beard Council. Sam has been one of the most engaged Area Presidents in the region, he has worked incredibly hard and been extremely adaptive with his area team throughout the whole term. He has been able to develop an incredibly strong and flexible Area VOA that has made the most of a challenging situation. Under his leadership they have started a training series open to anyone, and even had some engagement from outside the region. Through it all, Sam is incredibly upbeat and social with the other area presidents, and he boosts morale at every meeting attends. His positive energy is truly appreciated within the CRVOA.

Rachael Mullins serves as a member of the Central Region Venturing Training Committee, and the Northeast Illinois Council Venturing President. Rachael had two region officers attend her Summit Board of Review early on in the term, and ever since that day she has been all in with everything Central Region Venturing. Her passion is inspiring; she immediately was ready to help the region however she could. From attending events, becoming active in our committees, and even getting an article published in the National Venturing Newsletter, Rachael has brought tremendous amounts of energy and commitment to the region, all whilst continuing to serve her council and crew as the Northeast Illinois Council VOA President. She consistently attends every region and area event she can go to, and she not only attends and brings her own energy and inspiring Venturing story, but she also brings others with her to ensure they can enjoy the events as well. In the region she has been one of the most active members on the training committee. She brings a new perspective to the committee as the first CVOA officer to serve on the team.

Alexis Burnette serves as the Central Region Venturing Area 7 President from Rainbow Council. Alexis has also served as the Area 7 Venturing Vice President of Communications and Program, and Central Region Basecamp for VenturingFest in 2018. Alexis has been involved with the CRVOA longer than almost anyone, and has been a vital contributor to so many region initiatives, especially VenturingFest. She has done an outstanding job building her area team, and has been able to put on a large number of high quality events while also providing exceptional service to councils. Alexis is overfilling with passion and energy, and her spirit is nothing short of contagious. She loves the Venturing program, and the people in it. Alexis will stop at nothing to make sure anything she is involved in succeeds. She isn’t afraid to ask for help and will jump in and assist anyone that needs her.

Rima Lintakas serves as the Central Region Venturing Area 7 Associate Advisor of Administration from Rainbow Council. Rima has been extremely dedicated to A7 and can regularly be seen mentoring youth within the area. She is always a cheerful spirit at their events, and is one of the people we have to thank for the great successes of A7 this year. She has directly contributed to their excellent results in council contact, and high quality training at events. Rima is very heavily invested in the program, having grown up in it as a youth where she earned multiple of Venturing’s old top awards. She continues to demonstrate this investment in her role as Area Associate Advisor, and she regularly contributes to regional level discussions as a regular attendee on administration calls, and even on the training committee. At present she is the only adult consultant for the committee. She’s always there for the team as a resource to review trainings and bounce ideas off, and her cheerful attitude and support is always appreciated. Rima is a model advisor, the youth she mentors flourish and reach new heights thanks to her help.

Marc Richardson serves as the Area 6 Director, and interim Central Region Director. Marc has been an active advocate for Venturing in all that he does for the BSA, and regularly serves as a resource for the Area 6 Venturing officers and advisors. He goes above and beyond providing insight and clarification on BSA policy to the VOA, and helps them to further their relationships with councils. He brings so much energy to all that he does, and dedicates an incredible amount of work to Scouting as a professional. Recently he has taken on more of a role within the region as an interim region director, working hard to support the movement.