Area 1 Leadership

Nyssa Schneider serves as the Central Region Area 1 Venturing President. Nyssa is from Menasha, WI and is currently studying Exercise Science as a Freshman at Carroll University with an emphasis in Physical Therapy. She has been involved with Venturing since basically the day she graduated 8th grade when she hopped on a school bus and spent the week at NYLT. Since then, she has been very active and has attended various other training courses visiting Sea Base, Philmont, and Summit along the way. She enjoys being outdoors, sewing, shooting sports, and spending time with friends!

Camden Larsen serves as the 2020-21 Central Region Area 1 Venturing Vice President of Administration. Outside of scouting, Camden is the wrestling captain at Red River High School where he is a senior. Camden is a member of Venturing Crew 2130 as well as Aviation Exploring Post 777 and Law Enforcement Exploring Post 2032. Camden received the Area Venturing Leadership Award and Spanish Interpreter strip in 2019. He is an Eagle Scout and Pathfinder Award Recipient finishing his Summit Project.

Kaylee Kosik serves as the 2020-2021 Central Region Area 1 Venturing Vice President of Program. Kaylee is from Appleton, WI. She is serving as President of Crew 9221, VP Admin of Crew 9141, and Chaplin Aid of Crew 5111, which are all located in Bay Lakes Council. This year she is serving her third year on staff as ASPL of Service in her council’s NYLT course. In 2018 she went to NYLT academy and this summer she will be attending NAYLE at Philmont. She is currently working towards getting her Summit award and Eagle.
Kaylee is an incoming sophomore of University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh majoring in Social Work. During high school she participated in volleyball, show choir, earth club, and forensics. Kaylee earned her school’s service award and in choir she received the dedication award. This year in the VOA she hopes to make an exciting and positive year for Venturers and meet many new people.

Michaela (Micah) Vacco serves as the 2020-2021 Central Region Area 1 Venturing Vice President of Communications. Micah is from Blaine, MN. She is active in Crews 425, 276, and Crew 16. Each Crew has provided her with a variety of experiences and practical skills. She is also on the road to earning her eagle in Scouts BSA. She has attended NYLT and ILSC as well as staffed both; this summer she attended NAYLE at the Summit Bechtel Family Reserve. Micah is an incoming senior at Blaine High where she is the president of choir and is a cheerleader. In her free time Micah likes to bake, do karate, hang out with friends, and spend time with family. She considers herself to be quite adventurous and she likes to think she is funny. She is looking forward to learning and growing this term and getting to know everyone.

Dan Carriveau serves as the Central Region Area 1 Venturing Advisor. He previously served as the Central Region Area 1 Venturing Associate Advisor of Administration. When he was a youth member, he served as the 2009-2010 Central Region Area 1 Venturing President, 2010-2011 Central Region Venturing President, and the 2011-2012 National Venturing President. He is a Silver Award recipient and Eagle Scout. Currently, Dan is a member of the National Advancement Committee and is part of the Merit Badge Maintenance Task Force. From having grown up in the program, Dan is looking forward to taking the area advisor role and making a difference in a young person’s life. He certainly is happy to be working to improve the program locally and as a whole while supporting a youth in accomplishing their goals!

Mikaela Boston serves as the Central Region Area 1 Venturing Associate Advisor of Administration. Mikaela has been active with the Venturing program since the moment she finished 8th grade. She was a founding member of Crew 3001 in Northern Star Council, and now serves as the Crew Advisor. Mikaela is a Silver Award, Summit Award, and Ranger Award recipient. Mikaela served in several leadership roles as a youth at the crew, council, and area levels. She looks forward to working with the rising youth leaders as an advisor.

Rhonda Stengel serves as the Central Region Area 1 Venturing Associate Advisor of Program. Rhonda Stengel started Scouting in 2000, when their oldest son joined as a Wolf, Mt. Baker Council in Washington State. Two Eagle Scouts later, Rhonda is still involved, in Sioux Council and Northern Star Council. She has been awarded the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver Award. Along with being involved in a Pack and Troop, Rhonda’s family started a Venturing Crew. While with the Crew, Rhonda was the Chair, and was awarded W.D. Boyce New Unit, and Venturing Leadership Awards. They had several adventures, before deciding to combine with Crew 361 out of Sioux Falls, SD. In the past 17 years of Scouting, Rhonda has attended several training classes at Philmont and Seabase, has been Wood Badge Trained, Staffed Wood Badge, chaired several Training Events and Venturing Training Events, and this summer will be staffing her third National Jamboree. Rhonda is very thankful for all the Scouting program has done for her son’s, as well as her family. Most of the miles on her Scout vans, are from taking many Scout trips together. She is looking forward to her next adventure working with the Area 1 Venturers.

Richard Smith serves as the Central Region Area 1 Venturing Associate Advisor of Communications. Richard began volunteering in Scouting in 1986, when he volunteered as Assistant Cubmaster in his oldest son’s Cub Scout Pack. In 2003, he helped found Venturing Crew 514 out of Northern Star Council in Coon Rapids, MN, where he served as the Committee Chair for 10 years. He currently serves as Associate Advisor – Administration for Crew 514. Richard has also served as the Venturing Membership Chair and the Venturing Training Chair for Northern Star Council, and has served as Course Director and a staff member on numerous Kodiak, Kodiak X, and Kodiak Challenge courses. Richard has also served on staff for two different Wood Badge courses and one NYLT course. Richard has been awarded the District Award of Merit, the Silver Beaver award, the George Meany award, and a VLA at both the council and area levels. He has served as Associate Advisor – Communications with Area 1 since 2015.

Past Leadership